quick post about shiny new stuff for communicators

Lillie Paquette, MIT Sea Grant

Video (YouTube, Vimeo)

How to start: find an intern, intern teaches staff. When intern leaves, experience left behind with the staff.

Jill Gambill (Georgia Sea Grant) University public affairs may be willing to pay for video shoot if they can be convinced of value to the university.

Moira Harrington, WISG – Audio podcast series

Earthwatch radio was a 30-year old news service that was folded into another group, which then took news service in another direction, causing Earthwatch to disappear.

Instead, WISG started an audio podcast service and hosted it on their website.

A player was built that allows metrics to be measured of downloads. Podcast and podcast player surprisingly effective. (40 minutes average time spent on podcast page, 2500 browsers in a little over three weeks.) Willing to share custom podcast player

Roy Kron, LSG

Flickr used as photo server, but also has social tools

It’s used as a photo server that does not require logins (like Facebook) to see, share, or download images.

Ron Ohrel, Delaware Sea Grant

SeaTalk (PSA) facelift (75 words for 30-sec spot, 150 words for a 60-minute stop)

Social media broaden audience from radio only

Added MP3 files with still photos (Ken Burns effect) and converted to video. Voila, new product for new channels

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quick post about Mobile websites/apps at communicators meeting

Rich Dellinger, Wisconsin Sea Grant, emphasizing the rise of mobile websites over mobile apps. Most new users don’t necessarily need static of off-web capabilities available through most mobile apps. Additionally, it’s easier to repurpose skills from website developers to mobile websites and adaptive website that resize themselves based on the dimensions of an app.

Mark Farley, Oregon Sea Grant, described their steps taken to become mobile developers and has offered to share that information.

Cindy Knapman described a Hawaii fish app. There are additional hoops to jump through to get a paid app into and through the Apple app store that don’t apply for free apps.

Jill Gambill from Georgia Sea Grant described a non-Sea-Grant funded app that’s intended as a logger for marine debris. There were questions about how to share development efforts, engines and data warehouses.

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Tweeting from Sea Grant Week

Follow https://twitter.com/MITSeaGrant for MIT Sea Grant communicator Lillie Paquette’s bite-sized rundown on yesterday’s communications meeting, and more as the week progresses.

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Communicators’ meeting – presentations

Presentations from the Sea Grant Communicators’  meeting, Sea Grant Week 2012, provided as .pdf files:

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Welcome (again) to the Sea Grant Week blog

Welcome to the 2012 Sea Grant Week blog, AND the archives of the 2010 Sea Grant Week blog.

We will continue to post content here from the 2012 meeting, and we are still hoping for a small cadre of guest bloggers to help. If you’d like to be a guest blogger, email Carol Kaynor.

Another good source for information is the Sea Grant Week 2012 website.

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Sea Grant Week 2010: A handy index

A day-by-day index to Sea Grant Week 2010 coverage, including presentations in both Flash video  (for viewing) and downloadable .pdf format. (Note: Some .pdfs are very large; if you have trouble downloading them and would like a copy, contact Pat Kight)

Thursday, Oct. 14-Friday Oct. 15

Saturday, Oct. 16

Sunday, Oct. 17

Monday, Oct. 18

Rethinking the Sea Grant Model

  • Social Science and Sea Grant (Heather Triezenberg, National Sea Grant Office): presentation | .pdf
  • Shaking the Sea Grant Tree (Margaret Davidson, director, NOAA Coastal Service Center)
  • Science, the Next NOAA and Sea Grant (Paul Sandifer, NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science: presentation | .pdf
  • OAR Next and Sea Grant (Craig McLean, acting assistant administrator, NOAA OAR): presentation | .pdf
  • Allocation Committee update, Ross Heath, National Sea Grant Advisory Board: presentation | .pdf

Shifting Sands of Sea Grant in a Changing World

Photos from the evening poster session

Tuesday, Oct. 19

International program field trip to Plaquemines Parish

Moving Forward with and Adjusting the Focus Areas

  • Focus Area Reports
  • Presentations: Moving Forward
    • Toward Greater Hazard Resilience in a Rapidly Changing World, Susanne Moser, Susanne Moser Research and Consulting
      presentation | .pdf
    • Safe and Sustainable Seafood, Robin Alden, Penobscot East Resource Center (no presentation)
    • Sustainable Coastal Development: Finding Certainty in UncertainTimes, Mayor Tom Murphy, Senior Resident Fellow, Urban Land Institute
      presentation | .pdf
    • Healthy Coastal : Landscapes on the Edge, the Mississippi River Delta System, Robert Twilley, vice chancellor of research, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
      presentation | .pdf
    • The Sea Grant Challenge: Coastal Communities and Climate Change, Jeremy Harris, former mayor, Honolulu, Hawaii, and National Sea Grant Advisory Board member
      presentation | .pdf

Wednesday, Oct. 20

Additional content:

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Presentation: Science, the Next NOAA and Sea Grant

Paul Sandifer, Senior Scientist, NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
(Presented Monday, Oct. 18)

(Downloadable .pdf)

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