Today at Sea Grant Week: Focus teams, continued

The four focus teams (Safe and Sustainable Seafood,  Sustainable Coastal Development, Healthy Coastal Ecosystems. Hazard Resilience) are holding concurrent working sessions from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, addressing four questions:

  1. How well is the National Sea Grant College Program achieving the focus area’s national goals?
  2. What are the national impacts in the focus area that should be highlighted in communication products and reporting?
  3. Where are the gaps in the focus area’s National Strategic Plan?
  4. What are new opportunities or future directions for the focus area?

At 4 pm, teams come together to report on their discussions, followed by brainstorming about  partnership building, new directions and cross-cutting topics as we move into the future. We hope to summarize the report-out and brainstorming session here.

The registration table will be open in the Crowne Plaza lobby from 3-5 pm for new arrivals.


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