Communications Meeting Part One

Communicators meetGreat to see colleagues old and new…Dan Williams welcomed everyone and remarked that it had been 3 years since we were last together for a Communications meeting. Dan thanked Ron Kron (LA) for his service as past chair, and for putting together a greet SG Week with his colleagues while simultaneously dealing with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Susan Ferris Hill is now chair-elect, but we need new nominees for the next chair elect when Dan’s term as chair ends. Paul Focazio, New York, was nominated and seconded. If anyone has another candidate in mind, please get names to Dan by mid-November.

Amy Painter stressed that Communicators are needed on all Focus Teams; two are lacking a communicator at present. She brought draft copies of the national impact stories. Rochelle Pluchak from OAR Communications Office was introduced with Linda Joy. THey talked about vehicles for both internal and external communication about Sea Grant research, and Rochelle vowed to compile a list of these various publications, with guidelines, to send us. We must keep them posted on our milestones, including new papers accepted for publication, new missions or explorations, honors and awards, and any roles we may play in relation to a current event such as a tsunami, oil spill, dust storm, severe weather, etc. NSGO Facebook now has 30,000 fans!

Joe Cone from Oregon suggested that it would be easier for us to showcase Sea Grant’s accomplishments if there were an NSI competition for Communications. This turned into a motion that we develop a consensus statement from all Communicators to that effect. Motion was seconded and vote was taken. Also noted that we need a process to deal with stories on a national scale to aggregate all activities, especially given loss of Jamie Krauk and Sami Grimes to other duties.

More to come later…

(Posted by Peg Van Patten)


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Peg Van Patten, Connecticut Sea Grant Communications Director and Wrack Lines Magazine editor
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