Information Management Systems for Tracking and Reporting

Four examples of web-based information management systems were presented, All use online forms for PIs to submit progress or completion reports.

Elyse Larsen, Michigan Sea Grant, uses a system that combines Access with MySQL. It transmits publications directly to NSGL.

Sid Sachs, Florida Sea Grant, has a custom integrated online application using SQL This that works well for agents’ reportage needed for NIMS. This one uses a minibase with dropdown menus and is hosted on Dreamhost in a PHP environment. it uses SQLylog to copy data from one database to another.

David Nielan, Louisiana Sea Grant, has a system that works for those seeking information about projects as well as those reporting but it predates NIMS and had to be migrated in From Lotus.

Ben Bray, MIT, wowed us with a system he calls “Cradle to Archive Information Management” which uses PHP and MySQL with FIleMaker Pro. Benefits of FMP include low cost, cross platform compatibility, searchability, many customizable features and great support. Common thread here: web-based content using structured query language for retrieval of information.

(Posted by Peg Van Patten)


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Peg Van Patten, Connecticut Sea Grant Communications Director and Wrack Lines Magazine editor
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6 Responses to Information Management Systems for Tracking and Reporting

  1. Ben Bray says:


    Yes, the Project Management component of eSG supports PI upload of reported publications. You may visit the reporting web interface at: ; use “ / toI40east”. Relevant Filemaker Pro screenshots will be posted shortly to: .

    SG staff peruse reported publications via the Project Management FMP interface, select a reported pub for migration to program publication status, and then groom the new record for inclusion in the program’s publications database and submission of the new pub to NSGL. Like everybody else, I really liked Elyse’s “submit to NSGL” button, and will honorably add that to eSG, along with reported publication status tracking.

    As a result of this process, the new program publication is automatically linked to its parent project, associated PIs, authors, news, etc. for utilization in all dissemination portals.

  2. Peg–
    Thanks for the post. Re: Ben’s system. Is there a way to attach published peer-reviewed journal articles and other PI-authored publications to each PI’s research project? I’m envisioning a comprehensive system that will not only make it easier for reporting progress but also for publications submissions.

    • peglet01 says:

      I believe so but I’ll check with him, Marsha

    • Ben Bray says:


      Yes. You may visit the PI reporting interface at , and log-in as a tester using “” / “toI40east”. Filemaker Pro screenshots are on the way – I promise.

      A key feature of the Project Management component of eSG is auto-migration of publications from the “reported publications” domain to “program publications” that may be submitted to NSGL. SG staff use the Project Management Filemaker Pro interface to peruse newly reported pubs, click a button to migrate a selected pub, and then manage it as a new program publication (i.e. assign program IDs, groom reported metadata, check citations, error-check, etc.). When a publication enters the system in this fashion, it’s already linked to a project and all of that project’s related information (people, reports, etc.), and automatically appears in the context of that project in all portals of dissemination.

      I was really impressed by Elyse’s “submit to NSGL” button, however, and will respectfully add that to eSG!

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