NOAA Internal Communication

Rochelle Plutchak and Linda Joy from NOAA OAR shared some advice with the communicators this morning on how Sea Grant programs can increase the likelihood that their information will be passed on within NOAA, particularly to the NOAA leadership, via the NOAA newsletter and website. Here are some tips that will increase the chance your stories will get attention in NOAA’s internal communication media, Rochelle’s primary area:

1. Provide stories no longer than 700 characters.

2. Write stories that involve your NOAA partners or researchers; names of researchers are not important. Blogger’s note: don’t try to tell the researchers that. ;-)

3. Write stories that demonstrate economic benefits; Department of Commerce people are one of the primary audiences.

4. Write stories that have national, relevance/implications.

5. It you have a time-sensitive story, give Rochelle AT LEAST two weeks advance notice to work it into her lineup. Just about anything to do with seafood has national relevance.

And as for Facebook, NOAA has about 30,000 fans and growing. If you have info that is appropriate for Facebook—”happy, shiny blurbs”—send it to Rochelle and say you intend it as a Facebook blurb. Including a web link is good because more people seek info now via Facebook and other social media than by looking for websites, according to other expert speakers who addressed the communicators today. So a NOAA Facebook blurb with a link to relevant detail in your website can be an effective information sharing tactic.

NOAA Facebook fodder relevant to Sea Grant includes:

1. Scientific paper accepted to a refereed journal.

2. New mission or exploration.

3. Honors and awards.

4. Your program’s role in dealing with a current event, e.g. tsunami, oil spill.

Here are email addresses for Rochelle and Linda:

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