Post Card from New Orleans

A quick stroll around the blocks surrounding the hotel Friday night was a real taste of where we are.  The crazy and energetic vibe on the streets was amazing. We explored with the idea of finding some of that great N.O. food, and when we settled on LeBayou on Bourbon St., we were well-pleased. From shrimp ‘n grits to crawfish entouffe, it was all wildly delicious. For entertainment, nothing can beat eating in an open restaurant while watching the Friday night passing parade of folks  feeling the energy on Bourbon Street.  We can use some of that energy to carry out into our various programs in the time to come.

To those who didn’t make it here, we really wish you were here – consider this your postcard from N’Awlins. There are even some beads being sported in the meetings this morning, so I know I’m still in New Orleans, even though we’re busy working on various Sea Grant issues and improvements.

I’ve taken a few photos to give you a little local flavor in a form that will say as much as a thousand words (are you ready for a guy painted silver, wearing silver clothes and a feather wig?)  Street scenes and a smidgen of Crecent City Blues….


About Waurene Roberson

Web and print design and development for the National Sea Grant Law Center
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2 Responses to Post Card from New Orleans

  1. That should read “thanks from those of us…” *blushes*

  2. Waurene—

    A million thanks to those of us who won’t be attending Sea Grant Week this year. I’m not only eager to get a rundown of what occurs in the meetings, focus area groups, etc., but also to explore the wonderful city of New Orleans right along with you. Keep the posts coming (and the pictures, too!).

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