Fiscal officers meeting

(Playing catchup, thanks to notes from Evelyn Paret; the meeting took place on Saturday and Sunday)

Sea Grant fiscal officers spent three hours discussing omnibus award guidance, the NIMS system, budget tracking and other aspects of managing the fiscal side of Sea Grant programs.

Rich Fales, NOAA Grants Management Officer discussed new and changing regulations; Miguel Lugo talked about budget allocation to the Knauss Fellows, and Jonathon Eigan, Josh Brown, and Kola Garber (of the national office) were there to add information about budgets, funding, the omnibus guidance etc.

On Sunday, the group reconvened for a free-ranging discussion of how different programs are handling

  • State budget cuts and finding other non-federal funds to meet the match requirement
  • Raising and managing funds from private donors for program activities
  • Proposal submissions from for-profit corporations. How do they differ from university submissions?

Discussion also focused on practices and/or methods used to collect some of the numbers NSGO wants (jobs created, lost, retained or other metrics and performance measures) , and fiscal officers whose programs have had site visits talked about the level of fiscal detail they provided to site review teams.


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