OAR Next – and Sea Grant

Craig McLean, acting assistant administrator, OAR:

To thrive in a changing NOAA, Sea Grant needs to be able to better articulate our connection to the new NOAA strategic goals (healthy oceans, resilient coastal communities and economics, a weather-ready nation, climate adaptation and mitigaton). Sea Grant is involved in all of these, but we need to “seize the opportunity” and make sure others know that.

He advises us:

  • Keep reinforcing the message that SG is a national program.
  • Take heed of the “strengthening science” aspect of NOAA’s goals. We’re in a position to help do that.
  • Maintain the strong alignment among Sea Grant programs, the national office, the SGA and the SGA board.
  • Continue to strengthen evaluation. “What are we buying for the money we’re spending is increasingly important at the national level.”

McLean said Sea Grant has a role to play in the OAR’s focus for the coming years, including such focus areas as:

  • Ocean acidification.
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Spatial planning (“if ever there was an analytical integrator, it’s the people who are living right there on the ground – and that’s Sea Grant.”

(Downloadable .pdf)


About Pat Kight, Oregon Sea Grant

Web and blog administrator, Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University.
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