Safe travels, everyone

… and thanks to the team of communicators, educators and legal program staff who helped cover Sea Grant Week. (Their names are at the bottom right of the page).

We’ll be adding more material over the next week.


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Web and blog administrator, Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University.
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3 Responses to Safe travels, everyone

  1. Jill Gambill says:

    Thank you to all the bloggers! Even though I was at Sea Grant Week, I am finding it very helpful to read the summaries and remind myself of important points from the talks. Thank you again for your efforts!!

  2. Carol Kaynor says:

    A huge thanks to all the bloggers. I wish I could have been there, but at least I could follow along via the posts. They were greatly appreciated!

  3. Hal Richman says:

    Thank you all for your blogging. I really feel it keep us informed and update to Sea Grant Week.


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