quick post about shiny new stuff for communicators

Lillie Paquette, MIT Sea Grant

Video (YouTube, Vimeo)

How to start: find an intern, intern teaches staff. When intern leaves, experience left behind with the staff.

Jill Gambill (Georgia Sea Grant) University public affairs may be willing to pay for video shoot if they can be convinced of value to the university.

Moira Harrington, WISG – Audio podcast series

Earthwatch radio was a 30-year old news service that was folded into another group, which then took news service in another direction, causing Earthwatch to disappear.

Instead, WISG started an audio podcast service and hosted it on their website.

A player was built that allows metrics to be measured of downloads. Podcast and podcast player surprisingly effective. (40 minutes average time spent on podcast page, 2500 browsers in a little over three weeks.) Willing to share custom podcast player

Roy Kron, LSG

Flickr used as photo server, but also has social tools

It’s used as a photo server that does not require logins (like Facebook) to see, share, or download images.

Ron Ohrel, Delaware Sea Grant

SeaTalk (PSA) facelift (75 words for 30-sec spot, 150 words for a 60-minute stop)

Social media broaden audience from radio only

Added MP3 files with still photos (Ken Burns effect) and converted to video. Voila, new product for new channels

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