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quick post about shiny new stuff for communicators

Lillie Paquette, MIT Sea Grant Video (YouTube, Vimeo) How to start: find an intern, intern teaches staff. When intern leaves, experience left behind with the staff. Jill Gambill (Georgia Sea Grant) University public affairs may be willing to pay for … Continue reading

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quick post about Mobile websites/apps at communicators meeting

Rich Dellinger, Wisconsin Sea Grant, emphasizing the rise of mobile websites over mobile apps. Most new users don’t necessarily need static of off-web capabilities available through most mobile apps. Additionally, it’s easier to repurpose skills from website developers to mobile … Continue reading

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Communicators’ meeting – presentations

Presentations from the Sea Grant Communicators’  meeting, Sea Grant Week 2012, provided as .pdf files: NSGO-Communicators-SGW2012 (Elizabeth Ban/Amy Painter, NSGO) Sea-Grant-Visibility-NOAA-DoC (Ban/Painter) NSGL-SGW2012 (Cynthia Murray, NSGL) Focazio-SocialMedia-SGW2012 (Paul Focazio, New York SG) AKSG-PublicationsSGW-2012 (Kurt Byers & Kathy Kurtenbach, Alaska SG) SeaTalkRAdio-SGW2012 (Ron Ohrel, Delaware SG)

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